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Importantly, all sexual activity belongs to her alone, but he is passive and experiencing the pleasure of their subordinate role. If intimacy with her husband (the lover) is monotonous, monotone, then in his fantasies, women are very relaxed and imagine a different behavior of the partner and other situations, different from the usual stereotype of sexual intercourse. Dream, Russian women dreams about what is devoid of reality, for example, about “divine pleasure, delicate caresses, and a variety of erotic games. Or a  Russian women on free dating secret dreams is that she unceremoniously treated: an imaginary man is under such fierce desire, so much it wants that impatiently tossed her on the bed, seizes by force or commit sex act in an inappropriate situation with the Russian women herself is excited by the strangeness of the situation and an element of risk. She may fancy himself a slave to men, allowing him to do with it whatever he wants – to bind, handcuffed, not allowed to move or to perform sexual intercourse in exotic poses, which in real life, her partner does not practice. Or conversely, a Russian women imagines that man is full of power, fulfilling all of its most cherished and unusual desires and whims, and using sophisticated techniques of sex. Faced stories about the extraordinary sexual abilities of black men, some women present themselves with a Negro or a different race. Like men, women during sexual intercourse are in place a real partner of the famous actor, singer or any other handsome man. It may be much younger than her, may even be suitable to her sons, but would not dream am I supposed? It is not subject to morality. Imaginary sexual partner may be a stranger, the Russian women and Russian girls sees for the first time in my life and never see, but at first sight supposedly experiencing fierce desire. Such secret dream of helping women to maintain is the confidence that she is still attractive to men. Many women dream at least once in their life to try sex with a lesbian and lesbian sexual pleasures are in their secret fantasies. Subject group sex could also be present in the sexual fantasies of women. The composition of the imaginary participants may be different and the number and sex. “Emmanuel” and such novels have had a significant impact on the secret desires of modern women. Husband may not be present in the erotic fantasies of women. Or it is that the husband watches as it takes another man. In these dreams, too, manifests the subconscious desire of women consider themselves still desirable and attractive not only for her husband, but for other men, as if to “prove” his wife, at least mentally, that they want to other men.

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