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Desire to marry a foreign man in our country now nobody will be surprised.
These women is not difficult to understand: Western men were wealthy, cultured, democratic, and with respect for the woman who is not used to abuse alcohol.
And if we talk about aliens from European countries such as Switzerland and Germany, the much more interested in creating a family: to remain a bachelor all his life they have been taken. So, having married a foreigner, our women, of course, is far more enviable party than with compatriot of the same social status.

How do you implement this ambitious plan? We have to admit that not every lady can do it yourself. Specifically, many simply do not know how to start this and make a lot of mistakes. What you need to do and what – not worth it?

1. Remember that you are not just looking for a foreigner who is ready to marry you, you’re going to get married and live with this person, so – for you to have the value of its intrinsic quality. His character and social status must comply with your idea of ​​a long and prosperous married life. And it is necessary that these requirements were realistic enough: the golden rain or castle with a pool of Carrara marble is unlikely to include a mandatory list of their expectations. Do not forget that a foreign man will be targeted to meet a kind, decent, business woman you are interested in future family, not his money. In formulating in my profile on a dating site with foreigners requirements for future husband, avoid wording, “You should …”, “I want you to do …”, “The level of income is not less …” and the like. All the better to express your wishes in a soft, disposing form, making it clear that you aspire to your overall happiness.

2. Form a clear vision at the target. Understand what country you want to live, in what areas – in the country or in the city, what age and social status should be your spouse, you are allowing the presence of his children. Etc. All of this will significantly increase the “impact” of your search, so – and its effectiveness. Before taking a decision on the country – learn the mentality of its people and especially marriage laws.


Lord Heseltine agreed. “There is no army of people looking to increase their debt,” he stated, also asserting that this is reasonable in a time of low confidence.

In such a context, Heseltine argued, it becomes ever more important to effectively stimulate competitive spirit. He is confident that his plan to deliver regional business funding, won in competition between 39 local enterprise partnerships, is an effective way of doing this, if coupled with better capability in the nationwide network of the British Chambers of Commerce and sector trade bodies. The UK compares unfavourably with European peers when it comes to the clout and strategic alignment of these networks.

Heseltine’s plan for growth is driven by a belief that the UK must raise its average business performance. “It is easy to find examples of excellence in Britain,” he said. “But the global economy will judge us on our average.”

Negativity ill received

The positivity of Jim O’Neill and Lord Heseltine was well received by most delegates in stark contrast to the negative campaigning of shadow Chancellor Ed Balls. While delegates welcomed news that Sir John Armitt has been tasked with finding ways to reduce the impact of party political interests in long term policy making, most were doubtful that any real difference could be made to such an embedded aspect of British politics.

It was also observed that, while Mr Balls preached long termism and identified the need for an industrial strategy, he failed to acknowledge or respond to the strategy issued by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills last September. He also sidestepped a request from one delegate that Labour should adopt EEF’s industrial strategy, Route to Growth published in November.